Thursday, October 6, 2016

Forklift in a Dumpster

You see a lot of things in the dumpsters of the East Village, a lot of it gets pulled out and taken home by freegans!

What you don't usually see, however, is someone throwing away a forklift, like this one that I saw on East 6th Street:

Forklift in a dumpster.

By tonight, the bottom of this dumpster will be covered with the debris that East Villagers throw in as they pass by!

Every empty container is a trash can, especially when they're already trash cans!

#eastvillage #dumpsters #freegans #6thstreet #forklifts


  1. i don't think they are throwing it out, just using the empty container to move it. but you are right about the EV abhorring an empty container. when they do move it, i bet it will be half full of trash.


    1. the other possibility is... they chained it down so no one would take it out of the dumpster. you know how people are - they walk by a dumpster, glance in, see something cool, and, they take it!


    2. Can you imagine it in some freegan's apartment? "I'll find a use for this some day!"

    3. ha! use it instead of a Citibike! :-)