Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Portuguese Thong

Once upon a time, when old East Villagers were new East Villagers, there was a restaurant on St. Mark's Place called the beloved Yaffa Cafe.

Today, it is the soon-to-be-beloved Taberna Uma Tanga Portuguesa:

Taberna Uma Tanga Portuguesa, and a photographer.

I'm guessing this is going to be some kind of Greek/Portuguese fusion restaurant, because "Taberna" is Greek (and the color scheme is modern Cycladic-island) while "Uma Tanga Portuguesa" is Portuguese. It means "a Portuguese thong!*"

More evidence of its Greekiness is this array of vessels outside:

Array of vessels.

Finally, where once was the freaky mural, now there is a hearty mural:

Hearty mural.

Until now, I thought Hek Tad only pasted up photocopies of his name!

* * *

* When I look up "tanga" in, it says "moth", but when I look up "uma tanga" it says "a thong". It's obvious which translation I'm going to use — moths are scary!

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