Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Affects of 'Grinding Existing Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course Project HW2CR16B' on Citibiking in the East Village

East Villagers love Citibikes, and they love street repairs! To balance their love for both, it's important to know what expect, and plan accordingly!

The first thing Citibikers should know during this period is that the streets are very bumpy — extra time should be allowed for travelling on the streets being repaved:
  • East 3rd Street between Bowery and Avenue D
  • East 4th Street between Second Avenue and Avenue D
  • East 5th Street between Third Avenue and First Avenue
  • East 5th Street between Avenue D and Dead End
  • East 6th Street between Third Avenue and Second Avenue
  • Avenue D between East Houston Street and East 4th Street

Here is a map of the streets affected by the milling:

Streets affected.

The second thing Citibikers should know is that some of their favorite stations are closed during this time.

Here is a map of stations in the East Village that are closed:

Red stations are closed.

The anticipated completion date for Project HW2CR16B is October 12 — after that, it'll be smooth biking!

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