Friday, September 16, 2016

Citibike Blocking

Last Saturday afternoon, I rode my Citibike to the station at Avenue A and East 7th Street, when I was reminded that this station had been moved, due to Grinding Existing Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course Project HW2CR16B.

So I rode over to Second Avenue and East 4th Street, only to discover that this station was gone also!

Lucky for me, there is a beautiful new station beside the New York Marble Cemetery, on East 2nd Street.

But what do you suppose I saw when I got there? Every stanchion was occupied, except one, and there was a gas-powered generator blocking it!

Blocking the stanchion.

Undaunted, I quickly moved it and locked up my bike before overtime fees started accruing!

Since when do cemeteries need electricity?!

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