Monday, August 29, 2016

Progress on Avenue D

Just two months ago, I wrote about the activity taking place on Avenue D between East 6th and 7th Streets, where the ugly, abandoned buildings had been torn down. This past Saturday, I went to check on the progress, and found these orange Jersey barriers:

Orange Jersey barriers.

You can see a pile driver against the building above. Here is a picture of another pile driver:

Another pile driver.

This is what the area looks like from the opposite corner:

From the opposite corner.

At this pace, it should be finished by Christmas!

#eastvillage #avenued #piledrivers #jerseybarriers #constructionsites #renovations

1 comment:

  1. 'pile driver blues'

    well, i'm a pile driver for you, baby, smashin' them piles down.
    yeah, i'm a pile driver, baby, smackin' them in the ground,
    well, you know i'll be pounding them in, baby,
    as long as them orange barriers is around.