Friday, August 26, 2016

Jodo Bee Mural

Last night after work, I took a trip outside the East Village, to the Lower East Side!* I had been invited through Instagram to see the new mural by the illustrious JodoNYC!

It's not easy finding one's way around outside the East Village, but after putting my sleuthing skills to work I eventually found the beloved Stanton Social. I asked the greeter inside if she knew where the bee was, and she showed me — and now I will show you:

Giant Jodo Bee.

They grow so quickly — I remember when this bee was knee-high to a grasshopper!

* This is in an area known as Hello Square — people here are so friendly, they welcome you with a resounding Hello!

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  1. :-) i remember when JB was just a smudge on the side of a building. :-)

    it is nice to see the bee in colors. is that street-see-able?


    1. Yes! It's on Ludlow Street, just below Stanton Street, on the right as you're walking south.

    2. thanks! i will take a walk over there later today.