Monday, August 22, 2016

Bike Hazards

Back in late-Spring/early-Summer, I was riding my Citibike down Second Avenue, on my way home from work. Like all Citibikers, I stopped when the light turned red, at the intersection of East 10th Street.

Suddenly, a bird sitting above me pooped!

Luckily, I am charmed, so it missed me. Still, I am wary now, each time I stopped at this light.

Recently, they removed the old payphone that stood at this corner, and replaced it with this hole, and some reinforcing rods, and orange barrels, and caution tape:

Hole, reinforcing rods, orange barrels, and caution tape.

A day or two later, they replaced the hole with this cement covering:

Cement covering.

It probably won't have any effect on birds pooping, though. You still have to be wary… in the East Village Today!

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1 comment:

  1. i bet the birds will now poop on the internet kiosk that will probably be put in there?