Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Bunch O' New Places

While walking around the East Village this past Saturday, I saw a whole bunch of new places to eat that I hadn't seen before!

Here is one of them, the beloved Secchu Yokota, at the site of the formerly-beloved Meskel Ethiopian Restaurant, on East 3rd Street:

It looks a bit foreboding, no?

They only offer "tastings":

(I wonder if they have the same riot gates?)

Here is another new restaurant: Agios:

Agios Greek Rotisserie, on Agios Mark's Place.

Agios means Saint!

If you're looking for chocolates and coffee, there's Rose and Basil, on East 7th Street, complete with AstroTurf!

Rose and Basil for chocolates and coffee.

According to their web site, they sell breakfast in a jar!

And they open eearly:

Open Eearly.

Ubba-dee, ubba-dee, ubba-dee… That's all folks!

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