Friday, July 29, 2016

Turn Me

One of the hazards of having an Instagram account as well as a blog is that if I post a picture on Instagram, sometimes I forget to post it on the blog!

Such is the case with a picture I took — in April! — of a sign in the window of the beloved Verameat, on East 9th Street:

Taken in April.

On Instagram, this was called "After the robbery". (Verameat was robbed! Terrible.)

I passed by there again, oh, about twenty days ago, and was intrigued by this sign:

Intriguing sign.

Now you know how to get inside Verameat!

#eastvillage #9thstreet #doorknob #instagram #robbery #signs #verameat

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  1. so you are developing an app that will take a posting (with images) and post it to your blogspot, twitter, and instagram, all at the same time, and in correct formats? cool!