Thursday, July 21, 2016

Three Cans… Revisited

One month and four days ago, I took a picture of shiny, new recycling and trash cans on the corner of Second Avenue and East 11th Street.

When I posted the story on Neighborhood Square, the following discussion ensued:


True to my word, here is an updated picture:

Updated picture.

I don't know… looks like East Villagers are pretty clean — even if they do leave their bricks lying around!

If you still can't tell, here is a close-up:


Cool and clean… that's the East Village Today!

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  1. just wondering if there is anything inside the cans? maybe they are so clean because no one is using them? maybe no one is using them because no one is generating any trash?

    p.s. none of those 'maybe' may be true.

    p.p.s. if they are being used, and they are so clean, that means that folks are being very good about placing their recyclables in the hole, rather than 'near' it.


    1. It's true, East Villagers do like to litter! Maybe they're not using the cans at all!