Monday, July 4, 2016

The Return of Sock Man

A few short days ago, I posted a picture of the formerly-beloved Kings Court Real Estate Management office, on St. Mark's Place. I didn't know it then, but something was a brewin' there!

I passed by again yesterday, only to see it was occupied by none other than the beloved The Sock Man!

The Sock Man.

If you were one of those East Villagers who thought you'd never be able to buy another pair of socks again after his store closed earlier in the year, rest assured: you will!

Keeping with the spirit of renovation, I will make a few suggestions:

1) Get a new sign — this sign looks like the sock in the illustration! A neon sign would be cool.

Time for a new sign.

2) Don't sell socks off the street — it looks too much like a flea market.

I predict this store will open in August, just in time for a Back-to-School sale!

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  1. neon would be cool - with each letter a different color!


  2. Yes, with maybe one letter burned out, so it spells something else — like HE SOCK MAN!