Friday, July 15, 2016

Taking Pictures of Localized Flooding

The phenomenon of localized flooding is one East Villagers are all too familiar with — uneven pavement, poor drainage, and the fact that the East Village was built on a swamp all contribute to this problem!

I was walking down Third Avenue recently, when I happened upon another instance of this flooding. I was going to wait for this fellow to move out of the picture, but then I saw that he was taking a picture of it as well!

Taking a picture.

The only thing better than a picture of localized flooding is a picture of someone taking a picture of localized flooding… in the East Village Today!

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1 comment:

  1. the vertical person is reflected in the great flood waters of 2016. not exactly, but the traffic light, sky breaking up the view, and building reflected in the water are reflected by the right side of the person - legs and shade on the curb, waist line and sunlit curb (the break up), and upper torso and shaded curb. another great composition, EVT!

    p.s. that person looks like they are standing right at the edge of the splash zone. now that would be a photo! :-)