Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Soul Stealing

Ask any superstitious East Villager and they'll tell you: Taking someone's picture steals their soul!

This is why these warnings have begun to appear in the neighborhood:

Eric LaCour Steals Souls.

As you can see here, he's had some success!

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  1. The whole EV is festooned with labels 3/4 of which I have no idea what they are for

    1. It was explained to me that while spray painting graffiti is illegal, the graffiti stickers are not. Still, I've read of people being ticketed/arrested for it. Maybe the appeal is that it's quick?!

    2. Yeah, there's one of Batman holding his index finger out and with text Vote DANP & ESF.. took me a while to find out it was graffiti sticker battle like Revs/Cost.
      Whatevs, I'm almost 50 and most of that shit flies by my head, I just collect some of the more interesting ones

    3. I have a couple of sticker posts in the works. Stay tuned!