Monday, July 4, 2016

Record Explosion

I was walking across St. Mark's Place this past Saturday, when I saw a sign announcing a record explosion — East Villagers love exploding records!

Record Explosion sign.

Looking at this sign, even with the arrows, I couldn't see where the explosion was taking place, so I walked around to the other side:

The other side.

The arrows were no help!

From this side, I could see more records — barely enough to make a proper bonfire, let alone an explosion!

Not enough records.

I have to conclude that "explosion" was an over-statement.

Maybe the sign should have read: Last chance for me to make a few bucks on these records before I abandon them here!

#eastvillage #stmarksplace #vinyl

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  1. a pop up street vendor - with a sandwich sign? that a little too prepared.