Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pokémon Go

East Villagers are very insular, but every now and then, something from the outside world breaks in and shakes them up like there's no tomorrow!

This time, it's the global phenomenon known as Pokémon Go, and East Villagers are GO-ing wild!

Naturally, East Village Today is on board!

East Village Today, Level 2.

If you're not familiar with how this game works, it's called augmented reality. It is the… coolest… thing… EVER!

Rather than try to explain it, let me show you. Here I am outside the beloved The Black Rose on Avenue A yesterday, trying to catch a Zubat (I was not successful):

Zubat on Avenue A.

Afterwards, I walked into Tompkins Square Park:

Tompkins Square Park.

Look how many Rattatas there were in that small area — Rattatas and Pidgeottos are the most common Pokémons here!

Here I am being confronted by a Rattata:

Confronted by a Rattata.

Unfortunately, I used up all my Poké Balls trying to catch that Zubat!

On a more serious note:
Pokémon Go improves the mental and physical health of players suffering from depression and social anxiety. The social nature of the game provides easy avenues for those with social anxiety to interact with people of all backgrounds.
Sounds like just the ticket for those old-time grievers!

So download the app and join the fun… in the East Village Today!

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