Friday, July 8, 2016

New Citibike Station

As I've mentioned before, East Villagers love Citibikes — and why not? They're so convenient!

The only thing better than a Citibike station is a new Citibike station, which is exactly what I discovered last night, while walking across East 2nd Street, on my way home from work.

So, loyal readers of East Village Today, I present to you, the new Citibike station:

New Citibike station.

Here's another view, from the other side:

The other side.

Have you ever seen a nicer location? The only other one that comes close is the station at the top of Tompkins Square Park!

Look at how the stanchions blend in with the wall behind them:

Stanchions blending in.

The view on the other side of the fence is that of the New York Marble Cemetery. If your ancestor is buried here, you can be buried here too!

East Villagers will be whistling past the graveyard more than usual now!

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  1. that view will never exist again once the bicycles arrive. i am glad that you were able to record it for posterity, before it disappears forever.


    1. p.s. 'the other side' is my favorooni! it has nice diagonals, there are the strong verticals with the fence verticals almost being extensions of the stanchion verticals, the kiosk is not noticeable, the lighting is nicely shaded so the distance (in the left) is just a little lighter than the foreground (in the right).

      p.p.s. that must have taken hours to set up and light just so!


    2. Yeah, "the other side" is the only good one of the three. :( !