Monday, July 18, 2016

Mosaic Restoration

East Villagers love mosaics — they're easy to create, there's no wrong assemblage, and the materials can often be found in any refuse bin!

But what do you do when a mosaic begins to deteriorate, as is this mosaic on East 6th Street?

One option is to do nothing:

The "do nothing" option.

Another option is to replace them with tiles of a different color:

Tiles of a different color.

This way, you can compare them, to see which one you like better:


Which option do you prefer?

#eastvillage #mosaics #6thstreet #deterioration #renovations


  1. the photos remind me of that almost classic film 'war of the tiles'. :-)


  2. i play life, so those tiling patterns make me want to press F3 to see next step.

    life = game of life, by john conway


    1. Cool! re Game of Life. I have to check that out. I have the high score for Snake on my real-life ISP server!

  3. in the 'comparison' image, everything seems evenly divided by the '1' above the door, but... each 'item' is just slightly (or greatly) different than its counterpart on the other side. window w/ grate, window w/o grate. a/c drip on left, no drip on right. front door on right, inside door on left. no tile on left, black tile on right. '5' on left side, '5' on right (should be '2'). rust stain in upper left, grey stain in upper right. and so on! another classic photo, i would say!