Friday, July 15, 2016

Looking Good in Summer Pink

Recently, I reported on the disappearance of the inspirational Jodo Bee (it was the second one I saw, but the one that inspired me to write about the first one I saw)!

This led to a comment on Instagram by none other than JodoNYC herself:
I know!! All the bees are dying!!! Firecracker Sad-Face
Bee Firecracker Bee Sad-Face Firecracker Sad-Face
Well, I am happy to report that reports of their death are greatly exaggerated!

I was walking down East 3rd Street recently, when I passed by the beloved Corlears. The color of the message scribbled on their table caught my eye:

Pink message.

Not an unusual color for the East Village, but when I turned to keep walking…

A Jodo Bee… in the same color.

It was a Jodo Bee, in the same color as the scribbled message!

Coincidence? Who can say?
Looking good in summer pink!!! Upside-Down-Smiley-Face Hearts Firecracker Hearts Firecracker Bee Stars Heart-with-Stars Bee
#eastvillage #3rdstreet #corlears #graffiti #jodobee #jodonyc #pink

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