Friday, July 29, 2016

Graffiti Stickers

A recent comment on the Soul Stealer sticker prompted me to write about the graffiti-sticker mecca, on East 4th Street:

Graffiti-sticker mecca.

Here is something of a close-up:

Something of a closeup.

I first wrote about this place back in November 2014, when it looked like this:


It's the beloved welding studio of a guy named Matthew something. It's Italian. Vanzetti, or something like that. I told myself to write it down, when he told me, but I didn't listen, and now I don't remember!

He's a good guy — he did the ornamental welding for the restaurants on the block, and he teaches young people construction skills. They repay him by putting graffiti stickers on his door — it's a fair trade!

So stop and talk to him if you see him — he'll talk your ear off… in the East Village Today!

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