Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Am I Dreaming?

Sometimes in the East Village, so many good things happen that you think you're dreaming. Today was one of those days!

I was walking across St. Mark's Place tonight, having just parked my Citibike, when I saw…

Well, let me show you instead:


Is this not amazing?! Just eight days ago, this building was probably the second ugliest building in the East Village — now it's clean as a whistle!

It's as if the person responsible said "You know, East Village Today is right, we should make this place look nicer", and then they did it!

Already on St. Mark's Place, I would usually walk through Tompkins Square Park, to see what sort of activities were taking place, but without even being aware of it, I was drawn, pulled, summoned… to East 4th Street:

No words.

No words could describe the feeling I had when I saw that the ugliest building in the East Village was no longer ugly — a small tear formed in my eye.

At this point, a unicorn flew out of the sky and spoke to me: "Wake up, East Village Today, this is all a dreammmmm…"

Just kidding!

I'd like to think, in my own small way, I had everything to do with this!

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  1. i bet it had something to do with you posting about it?


    1. What else?! The amazing thing is that it happened so quickly, to both buildings!