Monday, June 13, 2016


I was walking down Second Avenue Saturday morning, when I saw a colony of crusties on the sidewalk in front of the beloved Orpheum Theater:

A colony of crusties.

Suddenly, I heard one of them cough. I turned and walked across St. Mark's Place instead. The last thing I need is to get some kind of crusty disease!

This morning, I found myself walking up Second Avenue, and I saw this queue of young folk, waiting to [UPDATED] buy tickets to audition for a role in the beloved Stomp:

Waiting to buy tickets.

As I passed by them, I saw the ones in front sitting on the sidewalk, drumming on drums:

Drumming on drums.

This is how it begins… in the East Village Today!

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  1. stomp is having auditions today, so those on-liners were probably practicing.


  2. the 'colony' photo - that looks like the EV in the mid-70s!

    btw, both that one, and the 'drumming' one - are nicely composed. or cropped? either way, nice compositions!