Friday, June 17, 2016

Some Statues

I was walking across East 6th Street this past week, when I saw some statues on the sidewalk:

Some statues.

The one on the right looks like a combination of images from tarot cards: the wand, the cup, and of course the tower!

The middle one looks like a troll. It just does.

And of course there's Mary — Mary is very popular in the East Village!

I don't know why these statues were on the sidewalk this way. Were they for sale? Free for the taking? Lost? No one knows.


After receiving the first comment below, I went back to this picture and made a close-up of the statues:


Mary is still Mary, and the middle one still looks like a troll, but…

The tarot-card statue is St. Barbara, the patron saint of armourers, artillerymen, military engineers, miners, and others who work with explosives, and also of mathematicians!

So now we know: They were lost!

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  1. the two outer statues, mary and st. lady with the sword, they both look like they are protectors of the men and women that go down to the seas. mary has those sailors at her feet and our lady of the sword has that lighthouse.

    the middle figure is a puzzler, but with the dogs and the all the wounds, i am guessing st. stephen.


    1. Wow, you do know your statues! I added a close-up of them.

  2. thanks for clarifying that the left one as being st. barbara.

    the 'mary' on the right is 'la virgen de la caridad del cobre' ( our lady of charity ) - you can make out the 'caridad cobre' on the base of the statue.

    i am going to guess that those three have their origins in the santeria religion? maybe there is some place near where you found those?


    1. i mean 'the mary on the left'. sheesh!