Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Punk Jamboree

What constitutes Punk? I have a friend who said that punk was already finished by the time the word Punk was coined to describe it!

Today, since the punkers are so much older, it mostly means kid-friendly performances with just a hint of posturing! If "punk" means "a good time for young and old alike", this show — in Tompkins Square Park this past Sunday — was the punkiest!

It was a time for parents to come support their kids' musical endeavors:

…for kids to support their parents' musical endeavors:

…and for old anarchists and the police to catch up!

"Yeah, those were the bad old days!"

Unfortunately, I could not stay for the entire show, which leads me to my one suggestion:

Dear organizing committee: please provide chairs for future performances. It's not easy to stand for four hours, and the benches in the shade fill up too quickly!

Oh yes, and change the name. I am willing to bet a lot of people didn't attend just because of the name. Puke Island? How about: Punk Jamboree!

I leave you with what is probably the highlight of the afternoon — enjoy!

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  1. i like the dog's reaction at the end: 'yawn!'. :-)