Monday, June 27, 2016

Nail Polish Galore

It's been a long time since the beloved East Village Pharmacy moved from their previous location on Avenue A and East 5th Street to their current location on Avenue A and East 3rd Street.

In all this time, nothing else moved into the space they vacated, until now — and for lovers of nail polish, it's not a moment too soon!

Introducing: Appolodine.

(The beloved) Appolodine is their name, and nail polish is their game:

Nail polish.

Don't try looking for them at the web address on their awning though — it's wrong! (Hint: it's .co, not .com)!

Another wacky awning… in the East Village Today!

#eastvillage #appolodine #avenuea #awnings #nailpolish


  1. i am looking at those bottles and i am wondering: 'should they be sorted by color, or not?'.


    1. I consulted a nail polish organizing expert, and she said that these seem to be placed randomly!