Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Microbus Pickup

East Villagers have always loved Volkswagen microbuses, so when this microbus pickup parked itself outside the beloved Dumpling Man on St. Mark's Place last week, it quickly became the talk of the village!

Talk of the village.

"What happened to the top?!" asked some.

"Where are the seats?!" asked others.

"Are you a hippie?!" asked no one — of course they're hippies!

Keep your eyes open, it won't be around for long — microbus owners are notorious vagabonds. They might already be in Mexico!

#eastvillage #coolcars #stmarksplace #vwmicrobus #dumplingman


  1. i like how the building in the back is grey and the steel door rollup is gray, and the vw flatbed bed pickup truck body is grey, but its front and roof are light metallic blue, and the blue gets picked up in the motorcycle and the pants, and the red of the DM sign and ATM sign are at the edges, and the brick red of the building and the grey steel door rollup get balanced by the gray building with the brick red front door. yup, that's what i like!


    1. You might not believe this, but I agonized over every one of those details until I got them just right!

    2. your willingness and ability to put in the time and effort to set that up, and, to get it spot on right - THAT is what makes this blog so absolutely great.


    3. And to think there are people who say it demonstrates that I have too much time on my hands!