Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Eyesore No More

I was walking up Avenue D recently, when I saw that an area once known for its ugliness, was now razed to the ground:

No more ugliness!

This is what it used to look like, from a previous post:


Avenue D'ers are hoping a new Chase branch will open here, after the recent closing of two branches further east. That and maybe a Starbucks — the coffee over here is terrible!

#eastvillage #avenued #constructionsites #eyesores


  1. the composition is so good i am not even going to go into how the sunlight and shadows form an arrow pointing to the right, the gray and red cars adding color in the foreground, the green band dividing the foreground from the background, and the multi-shades of red brick and cement buildings in the background, forming a courtyard if you will, the green trees smack dab almost through the middle, and, and, some leaves peaking in from the top to break up the blue sky - way too much to type in.


    1. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were exaggerating!