Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ever-Changing Wall of Coolness

There was a time when I began posts other than by saying…

I was walking across St. Mark's Place, when I passed by the ever-changing wall of coolness:

Ever-changing wall of coolness.

What is there to say about this wall? It's cool, and it's always changing!

Just like the East Village itself… Today!

#eastvillage #graffiti #murals #stmarksplace


  1. i like the metal door part in the center - like looking up the avenue through a rain blurred window at night.

    the right side looks like they did a 'stretch vertical' to make the art fit the space. that makes the center art also look like it was stretched vertically, even though it is not. the normal looking left side art makes everything look, i dunno, slightly disconcerting? the bottom half of the UK flag, painted in yellow, just adds that 'why is the bottom half of the UK flag, in yellow, there?' touch.

    p.s. love the 'noparking' kerning!


    1. I almost cropped out the left side (it looks too much like the wall when *not* painted!), but I didn't want to lose the matching Vespa!

    2. i am glad you did not crop.

      i was not going to say anything, but the two vespas do frame that nicely, especially since the front wheels point in opposite directions. that wooden stand 'no parking' sign - that seems so out of place, yet without it, the photo might not work. there is that flow - open door, art, blurred art, distorted art, wooden stanchion 'no parking' sign, vespa driving out of the frame.

      yup - another classic!