Friday, June 17, 2016

Come Dancing

As East Villagers know, musicians are notorious for starting late. If the announced time of a show is 8:00, you can be sure the band won't go on until almost 9:00 (except at Lincoln Center, or Carnegie Hall)!

So when this past weekend's Punk Jamboree started on time, the only people there were the organizer, the band, and some crusties!

This chap below, with the tattoo on his back…

…tried to get his fellow crusties to come dance, but they would have none of it:

"We're having none of it."

He was finally successful convincing a gent in a wheelchair, but it's hard to know how much input the fellow had in the matter!

Once in place, however, they all had a rollicking good time:

Keep on punking in the free world… in the East Village Today!

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