Thursday, June 9, 2016

Close Call

Apart from when actors, and painters, and poets, and writers, and dancers, and film makers, and musicians, and sculptors, and photographers, and jewelers, and graphic artists and suchlike move here, the East Village stays insulated from the outside world — they like it that way!

So it came as an unexpected surprise when none other than the President of America, Mr. Barack Obama himself, circumnavigated the East Village. The ripples caused traffic jams where there wasn't even traffic before!

Here are some pictures of the traffic jams:

Second Avenue and East 7th Street traffic jam.

Avenue A and East 6th Street traffic jam.

Avenue B and East 6th Street traffic jam.

Avenue C and East 4th Street traffic jam.

Just think what would have happened if the President had come into the East Village — people's heads would have exploded!

One day later, life has returned to normal, as can be seen by this discarded Cut Flowers box, with petals in it, on East 4th Street:

Cut Flowers box, with petals in it.

Another infiltration averted — the East Village Today abides.

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