Sunday, June 26, 2016

Better Call Ana

At the beginning of the month, I wrote about the appearance in the East Village of the very cool VW microbus pickup truck. At that time, I speculated that its owners might already be in Mexico!

If they did go to Mexico, they're back now, because yesterday I saw it on St. Mark's Place again, this time parked mostly in front of the beloved Physical Graffitea, but partly in front of the beloved Big Steve's Fun City:

Back on St. Mark's Place.

Seeing how much space there was in front of it, I took a picture of the front of it:

Front of it.

Here is a picture of the load it was carrying: an air conditioner, and a shopping bag that matches the color of the truck:

Air conditioner and shopping bag.

What's in the shopping bag, you ask?



By now, you must be wondering: "Where can I find a cool pickup truck like this in the East Village today?"

Well, wonder no more!

Where to find a truck like this.

For the coolest car since the cool old pickup truck… better call Ana!

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  1. the first photo: the color of the truck is picked up by the building behind it and the car to the right, and, the sidewalk and street in shade, and then the street in sunlight.

    in the third photo, the shopping bag is the same color as the truck body. but what a contrast between the nice paint job of the truck and the truck bed! this truck is just not for show, it can tell a story as well.

    photo four - the reveal! what is in the shopping bag? from the view, i am guessing that was probably taken with a drone?


  2. i looked up the website of the email - it seems like an odd place to find a truck like that at a place like that. but it may explain where the truck went when it was not in the EV?