Saturday, June 11, 2016

Aim High

East Villagers love a new mural — that's why the owners of the beloved Foot Gear Plus, on the corner of First Avenue and St. Mark's Place, hire artists to paint a new mural every year or so!

Or maybe they don't hire them, I don't know.

One thing I do know: this new mural will delight East Villagers for months to come:

Delightful mural.

It really captures the East Village today: a gray, dismal past hailing a colorful, bright present!

(Do you know what i just noticed? The standing foot of the colorful, bright girl has a reflection under it. This is a technique that is much over-used in Photoshop; you don't usually see it in paintings!)

As it happens, I saw the artist working on this mural last night, as I was walking across St. Mark's Place:

Artist working.

He was working from sketches he had prepared earlier:

Working from sketches.

By the way, the artist's name is Ashton Agbomenou. He has a web site, and is on Instagram!

What more is there to say? Another artsy day in the artsy East Village!

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  1. in photo 2, i like how you have the grey dismal past levitating on / through the step ladder!


    1. Yeah, it's too bad the stepladder wasn't back farther!