Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Yeti, Up Close

Every bit as elusive as a real yeti, the yeti graffito is difficult to spot. That is, it's easy to spot when it's there, but it's rarely there!

Which is why this green mailbox, on the corner of Avenue B and East 7th Street, is so special:

Special mailbox.

You may think: That's not the yeti — the yeti has a body!" but I would bet anything that this is a close-up of the yeti.

A funny thing happened when I took this picture: A couple was walking by, and the fellow asked me where I was from. He said he wondered where someone was from who would take a picture of nothing.

I showed him the graffito, and explained the yeti — and he took a picture of it himself!

Making something out of nothing… in the East Village Today!


I just learned that this is called "Frank Ape". Who knew?!

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1 comment:

  1. > this is called "Frank Ape".

    i was going to say that it looks like 'homer simpson'.