Thursday, May 26, 2016

Introducing: Alphabet City Deli & Grill

It seems like a life-time since the beloved Avenue C Deli Corp. (on Avenue C and East 4th Street) closed, leaving East Villagers to wonder what new shopping emporium would take its place.

Now, the wait is almost over!


New signage.

The soon-to-be-beloved Alphabet City Deli & Grill's new signage was put up last night!

Not just a deli, but a deli & grill! And if you have any doubts about what that means, the fire on the signage should put those to rest!

Already forgotten are the blue awning and Hot & Cold Food Open 24 Hours sign that beset this corner in the past:

Already forgotten.

The blue awning is so forgotten that it's not even in a picture!

So if you're hankering for some ice cream, or fresh smoothies, or cold drinks, or hot&cold sandwiches, or hookah accessories, or cigarettes, or cigars, or phone cards, or EBT, or ATM, or organic products, or hot & cold sandwiches, then head on over to the beloved Alphabet City Deli & Grill.

It's the Wal*Mart of the East Village! (In that they have everything you could ever want. Except beer.)

Post Script:

East Villagers will notice that I mentioned "hot & cold sandwiches" twice in the description of items for purchase, above. That was no mistake!

Take a look:

East 4th Street side.


Avenue C side.

It should be immediately noticeable that these are not the same items: one has a space before and after the ampersand, and the other has no spaces!

Post-Post Script:

The East Village Welcoming Committee has already left their calling card on the new sign:

Calling card.

It's like this sign has always been here!

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  1. that "hot&cold" is a new style of sandwich, one that is both 'hot' and 'cold'. it might be spicy but all the ingredients came from the refrigerator case, which is cold. or the bread might be heated by the insides are cold cuts. or the insides might be grilled but the bread is not. the "hot & cold sandwiches" means that they also sell sandwiches that all 'hot' or all 'cold'.

    p.s. this 'hot&cold' is the latest food trend in the EV. i am sure you will be hearing a lot of 'hey, gimme a hot&cold meatball sangwitch, and make the bread hot.', and the like, in the near future.


    1. You are very kind. Somewhere, a Project Manager is clicking the *Like* button!