Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Final Days of East Village Cheese?

Q: What do 1980s punk-rock clothes and cheese have in common?
A: No one buys them any more.

Well, I don't know if no one buys cheese, but rumor has it that the beloved East Village Cheese on East 7th Street will soon be out of business!

Soon to be out of business?

It's just a rumor — no announcement has been made — but just as with the new location of Trash & Vaudeville, most times the only people in the store are the ones who work there. They've also stopped accepting debit/credit cards!

You won't stay in business for very long in the East Village if you only accept cash — it's positively feudal!

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  1. their new location is not on a highly trafficked street, so no one sees them! the cheese is still just as good, as are the prices!


    1. I should go in some time — I just don't buy cheese any more. Cheese, records, 1980s punk-rock clothes… all have gone to the wayside.