Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The doDo Bee

I was walking across East 6th Street, oh, about nine days ago, thinking to myself: "What can I write about the abandoned cup with a straw in it that I saw on top of a trash can receptacle on East 7th Street yesterday?"…

Abandoned cup with straw.

… when suddenly I saw this:

What's that?!

"I've seen that face before", I thought to myself, and then I knew: "I don't have to worry what to write about the abandoned cup, I can write about the doDo bee graffiti off to the side of the cup, that appears here as well!"

So, this is a post about the doDo bee graffiti.

If you look closely at the doDo bee, you'll see that its body is a heart:


And the signature is hard to read. Maybe it's JeDo. Or deDo. I don't know. For now, I'm calling it doDo!

Then tonight, I saw this, also on East 6th Street:


I announced to my Snapchat followers that this was another doDo bee, but on closer inspection, I see that this is not the doDo bee, but an imposter!

The doDo bee graffitier is going to have to start putting a registered mark beside his work.

Sound advice, from East Village Today®!



After discussing this in the comments below, I am prepared to say that the last picture is a genuine doDo bee!

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  1. parts of the graffiti and stencil look the same and other parts do not - a tough call, EVT!


    1. There are certainly similarities, and if doDo is using a stencil…

      Wait, I think I see it now: the lines in the bee's body in the pre-stencil works are dark; in the stencil, they're knocked out and the thicker areas are colored.

      Don't know that I like this change much.

  2. I think the tag is "* jeDo"? Could be?

    1. Could the "*" in the tag be a flower?

  3. I met the artist once... The stencil and the draw its by the same person, the body its a heart and the star its the compass rose.

    1. thanks, anon! it is always to cool to meet the artist.

      p.s. EVT - where you find out all about the important stuff!