Monday, April 25, 2016

Store For Rent

I don't remember if I already posted a picture of this store for rent on East 7th Street. It's possible that I did. Just as it's difficult to remember what occupied a space once it's empty, it's also difficult to remember which empty spaces I've posted pictures of!

In any case, I'm sure I didn't post a picture of this empty store with a guy taking out his trash!

Store for rent, with guy taking out trash.

One thing is for certain: if I did post a picture of this store, I posted a picture of the inside as well:

Inside as well.

Look — a window in the back! Not the little square window all the way back, but the one on the left side, that opens into a pit.

Those pit windows help make the East Village what it is… Today!

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  1. that is a GREAT photo of the interior!!!


  2. Is he taking out the trash, or, doing the "walk of shame"? :-)