Saturday, April 2, 2016

Speaking of Graffiti…

As everyone knows, the East Village is full of graffiti — opinion about it ranges from liking it to loving it — it's part of the reason so many people want to live here!

But… why are some buildings graffitied on and others not, even when they're right next to each other?

Here are two examples that I saw while walking down East 4th Street yesterday evening:

Law Offices / Abogados.

The beloved Law Offices / Abogados is heavily graffitied, but the building next to it is not.

Here are the same two buildings from another angle:

Another angle.

Down the block, the same situation exists beside the beloved Pirka Salon:

Beside Pirka Salon.

Alternate angle:

Alternate angle.

The graffiti-buildings also have more trash in front of them!

Keeping it real… in the East Village Today!

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