Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Missing Cat Signs

I was walking down Second Avenue recently, when I came upon this assemblage of barrels outside the formerly-beloved Verizon Wireless store:

Assemblage of barrels.

What could be stored in them, I wondered? Toxic chemicals? Radioactive waste? Sand?

Since East Village Today is renown for pictures of the insides of stores that were once beloved but are now closed, I went to get an inside picture.

But what's this?!

Missing Cat sign.

The Missing Cat sign — taped up from the inside!

Making my way down Second Avenue, I remembered a request from a commenter, that I post another picture of the formerly-beloved DF Mavens. Since I was so close, I decided to honor that request.

But what's this?!

Two Missing Cat signs.

Not one, but two Missing Cat signs!

East Villagers sure hope this cat is found!

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  1. when verizon moves out, they really move out! they are taking all their cables with them! which means if there were so many cables to take out, that 'store' was probably a major tap into the internet / telephone lines for the EV.


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