Friday, March 4, 2016

Yummy Asian Food

I was walking across East 3rd Street the other morning, when I saw this newly-beloved purveyor of Take Out Chinese Food – Dumpling & Noodle:

Yummy Asian Food, Inc.

It seems like only last year that this location was home to the beloved Lord Hamm's. Maybe if Yummy was in the name, it still would be!

East Villagers love yummy food!

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  1. Its been 'opened' for about 6 months, but it always has a sign in the window saying they're not there and to call a number. They are on seamless, which makes me think its just a storefront for another chinese takeout place. If anyone has actually seen this place with its doors open and people inside, i would love to see pictures!

    1. Six months — Wow! Good thing this is not a news blog!

      I'll keep an eye out for open doors!

    2. i wish there was a cheep dumpling place in the EV. on the other hand, the walk down to allen and broome to get four for a dollar dumplings is good exercise.