Thursday, March 31, 2016

School For The Dogs

I was walking across East 2nd Street this past Saturday, when I passed by this sign, outside the beloved School For The Dogs:

Shi Tzu meetup sign.

I went to a zoo once, and the only animal they had was a dog. It was a Shih Tzu.

School For The Dogs has classes catering to every need, from Puppy Kindergarten, to Prep School, even Skater Haters and Sidewalk Psychos! (Can you really train your dog to avoid psychos in the East Village?!)

If you become a member, here's an offer exclusively for you: Enter the password, and you can take one of these colorful poop bags!

Colorful poop bags, for members only.

Nothing says East Village like brightly-wrapped dog poop!

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  1. Not everyone BELOVES this place- like my partner & me live in the next building and that lady wakes up everyone at 10am. Since I moved in. May not sound so bad, but he works untill 5am, so we can hartly sleep before 7. At ten her HI-PITCHED voice starts screaming, soon she takes up with this: "Noise I Use To Get A Dogs Attention"

    Not onnoying? They also use any gadgets to make more noise so everyone laughs like a jackal.
    We both know plenty more people near by who don't love this place. And don't forget drinking brews---gets alot louder then, but so what, thats in the afternoons when nobody who sleeps 3 whole hours would never try to take a nap, right?
    BUT we both <3 happy-dog barks tho :)

    1. Now now, East Villagers belove all their local shops! On another note, this was on WNYC last month — it might explain the crazy noises some: