Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Art Gallery

The East Village is known for its trendy art galleries — it's part of the reason so many people want to live here!

So it came as no surprise to anyone when a trendy new art gallery opened in the location formerly beloved as Tu Casa, on Avenue B and East 6th Street:

Trendy new art gallery.

Look Ma, no riot gates!

Here is a closer look at the artworks in the window:

A closer look.

Is this a gallery? Is the name really Mary Sky? So many questions…

Here is a look inside:

A look inside.

East Villagers can't wait for the first art-glitterati party!

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  1. i take it that the circular blue 'thing' in the last photo is your smart phone reflecting and not the time portal / transporter opening up?


    1. It's a combination of actually-existing light in the back of the room, the camera lens, and the Shadows/Highlights adjustment in Photoshop!

    2. i use a point and shoot, so i am able to press the camera lens up against the glass of empty store fronts to take the interior shots. that eliminates most of those refelctions.

      with a smart phone - i wonder if like a 1/2 inch thick spacer that fits on the phone, like a 1/2 inch thick black foam ring that is wide enough to not block the lens would do the trick?


    3. The ring sounds good for eliminating reflections. I press the phone against the glass, so I don't have that much of a problem, as long as I block the corner near the lens!