Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Los Muchachos Supermarket

Regular readers of this blog will surely remember the beloved Avenue C Deli Corp — who doesn't remember the day their door was closed?!

I was walking past there, oh, about eight days ago, and it looks like their door is closed forever now:

Avenue C Deli Corp closed forever.

It's weird how they only took half their awning with them — it's even weirder how beneath their awning was a much cooler sign: Los Muchachos Supermarket!

I passed by again a few days later, and saw signs of activity:

Signs of activity.

I thought about crouching down and taking a picture under the plastic tarp, but I didn't know if there was a vicious guard dog inside!

East Villagers are keeping their fingers crossed that an exciting new shopping venue opens here soon!

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  1. it looks like there is another sign beneath the los muchachos one. i wonder what it is?


    1. I know — that's so weird! Why don't people take signs down? It's not like paint!

    2. it probably is like paint! it just might be easier to attach a new sign to the 'sturdily attached to the building' old sign than to take down the old sign, dispose of it, and pay for all that extra labor.

      i am curious as to what will show up once that 'muchachos' is down.


    3. Maybe it was the first Los Muchachos sign! You can see the letters spell SUPERMARKET.