Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fewer Women Love the East Village

Do women not love the East Village? That's what it looks like, according to Andrew Hill, a cartographer for CartoDB, according to DNAInfo!

Mr. Hill assembled a map using information from the American Community Survey (DNAInfo said it was the 2014 Census, but the census is every ten years — the last one was in 2010)!

Anyway, take a look at this map:

Map of the East Village.

Each dot represents 10,000 women. A white dot means less than 49% of the population is female; a dark pink dot means more than 52% is female. The other dots would be 50% and 51%, respectively, according to the number line!

A very interesting thing can be seen when looking at the area East of the East Village:

East of the East Village.

More women would rather live in the East River than in the East Village!

What does this mean, for the East Village Today?!

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