Monday, March 21, 2016

Eclectic, Intriguing, & Authentic

I was riding my Citibike down Avenue A yesterday, when I saw this graffiti on the construction fence at the corner of, you guessed it… East 12th Street:

East 12th Street graffiti.

Naturally, I was curious what was at the end of that URL, so I went to it. It turns out it's the web site of a company that will build and sell… condominiums and penthouses!

Here is a picture from the web site, of what the new building will look like on the Avenue A side:

Avenue A side.

and here is what it will look like on the East 12th Street side:

East 12th Street side.

This is how it's described:
One to four bedroom condominiums and penthouses enhanced by over 16,000 square feet of amenities including a 24-hour lobby concierge, 50' long pool, spa, gym, library, playroom, parking, and lush courtyard and rooftop gardens, all ensconced in New York's most eclectic, intriguing, and authentic neighborhood.
(That really should have an exclamation point at the end of it!)

And if that's not enough of an enticement, there's a 7-Eleven a block away from them — talk about eclectic!

If you're interested, click here. But you'd better hurry — with prices starting at $1,100,000, they won't last long!

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  1. with all the new buildings going up, they should say 'in what used to be New York's most eclectic, intriguing, and authentic neighborhood before all these high rise apartment buildings and condos started going up.'.