Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The ATMs of St. Mark's Place

While taking the picture of the new signage outside the beloved St. Mark's E-Smoke & Beer this past Sunday, I noticed something peculiar. There were two — two! — ATMs outside the store!

This got me to thinking: Just how many ATMs are there on St. Mark's Place (between Second and Third Avenues)?

So I counted them:

The ATMs of St. Mark's Place.

Nine ATMS!

You will never be short of cash in the East Village, if you have it in your account to begin with, and don't mind paying the ATM fee, and the fee your bank charges for using a not-your-bank ATM!

It makes you wonder though: Are these tee-shirt, hat, sunglass, drug paraphernalia, e-smoke, and beer stores cash-only?


#eastvillage #atms #stmarksplace


  1. you could make photo that in to a poster. or a postcard.

    p.s. does anyone even use postcards?


    1. I thought about that, like The Doors of Ireland. Regarding postcards, people buy them to hang on their refrigerator, or in the bathroom — I know, because that's what I do!