Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Safety Message

If you're walking down the street at night, and you see an open gate, leading into a dimly-lit garden or vacant lot, don't go in! It's not safe!

Do not enter.

This message was brought to you by East Village Today — keeping East Villagers safe since 2014!

#eastvillage #opendoors #communitygardens


  1. this is just the kind of thing that makes me want to go in there, just to be in there and to look out at everyone walking by outside, my thought balloon saying: 'look at me, you people, i am in here and you are out there, just slogging along the sidewalk. but not me, no, i am in here, looking out!'.

    of course, i also worry that someone walking by will close the gate and lock it, and there i will be, stuck inside like some kind of animal, on display, the people walking by, jeering and pointing at me: 'look at him, he was once so bold, and now, now he is a nothing, locked up in a cage.' as they throw the remnants of their bagel sandwiches at me.


    1. One evening, I was walking past that garden and saw a bunch of young people had managed to get locked in. I don't have a key, but I know someone who does, so I called and they were soon freed!

    2. there is always a good deed being done somewhere in the EVT!