Friday, February 19, 2016

New York Village Deli

The beloved New York Village Deli on First Avenue was home to some of the East Village's finest confections, but no longer:

New York Village Deli no longer.

In the end, two things did them in: 1) they had a ridiculously-high minimum on debit/credit card purchases; and 2) they stopped selling bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll at noon!

East Village Today has one piece of advice to the owners of the new deli, if that's what opens here: Don't stop selling bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll at noon!

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  1. they may be gone, but your photo of that papered over store front looks like an alt-post-mod-neo painting! that's for preserving the ever changing world of the EV!

    p.s. excellent advice to eateries.


  2. BTW, this was the store that sold the Minion Twinkies, and the East-Village-Today-colored creme wafers!

    1. you're kidding! no more minion twinkies, nor EVT creme waferettes??? what the H is going on???