Monday, February 29, 2016

Goodbye To Trash & Vaudeville

I was walking across St. Mark's Place yesterday, when I saw a gaggle of shoppers outside the beloved Trash & Vaudeville, which made me think to myself: "Hey, East Village Today, isn't this the last day Trash & Vaudeville is open at this location?"

"Why yes, it is!" I responded, and I went inside to take some fare-thee-well pictures.

I haven't been inside Trash & Vaudeville since the mid-1980s, and let me tell you this: It hasn't changed a bit!

Behold, upstairs:



The sign on the back wall reads: Rock and Roll Kids Clothes — aren't these all kids clothes?!

Speaking of kids, a couple of teenagers were with their father, when one pointed to the t-shirt wall and said: "It's your shirt!"

Somewhere, a t-shirt printer has never changed the plates on his silkscreening machine.

Next stop, downstairs:



Do you know how Dr. Martens boots became so popular? The sound man at CBGB was being bitten on his ankles by fleas, so he went to an Army/Navy store and bought a pair of black boots. True fact!

A fun time was had by all, while The Stooges's "No Fun" blared from the speakers!

East Villagers can hardly wait for Trash & Vaudeville to re-open in their new location — maybe they'll sell newer clothes!

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