Monday, January 4, 2016

Cooool Christmas Trees

East Villagers love graffiti! They especially love the graffitier who goes by the name of "Cool", responsible for such cool works as COOOOOOOOOOOL scaffolding, and C…O…O…L obelisks!

This past Christmas season, East Villagers were treated to these Cooool decorations outside the beloved V Bar, on First Avenue at St. Mark's Place:

Cool Christmas tree, facing East.

Cool Christmas tree, facing West.

What's even better is that these will stay all year!

#eastvillage #cool #firstavenue #graffiti #stmarksplace #vbar


  1. in that first one, it has three sixes!

    p.s. i wonder if those will get updated for valentines day, etc.?


  2. I've seen sixes in other graffiti of his too! I'm not sure about Valentine's Day though — I haven't seen that's he's updated anything in the past!