Sunday, December 13, 2015

SantaCon 2015

SantaCon, by Currier & Ives.

Another SantaCon 2015 has come and gone, and once again it was a rollicking good time, as East Villagers, present and future, came together to celebrate the holidays!

I wasn't able to get out during the daylight hours — pictures I've seen show even more Santas than my video captured!

So with no further ado, I present "SantaCon 2015":

#eastvillage #santacon #currierandives


  1. i like the girl blowing you the two handed kiss!

    p.s. was it as calm as it looks? luckily, i found an excuse to be OOT, so i missed it all. well, not 'missed', more like 'glad i was not there', based on previous years.


    1. That's the highlight of the video! I'm going to re-export the video tonight. I want to increase the resolution, and rework the music so the line "kiss her once for me" synchs up with her kiss!

    2. that'll be awesome if you can synch it!